AGMRCET has a State of Art Internet Centre through which one can reach out www. At present, the centre has 60 nodes exclusively for browsing in two different blocks. Apart from that all the systems in the campus have internet connectivity which could be used for browsing. 10mbps internet leased line is taken to provide a fast and stable internet connection to the staff and students. Firewall H/w is installed to provide a secure and controlled access to Internet.

Current timings are 8.30AM TO 8.00PM . Students are provided with resources to copy the required information, in a DVD/Pen Drive. The centre has a 100 CD Jukebox on the Network, through which interesting, educational and exciting CD’s can be browsed without the need to access the WWW. Further all professional Journals are subscribed which could be accessed using IP based authentication. Experienced and well-qualified staff manage the centre and are always available for any help in using the facility


All computers in the campus are interconnected with a OFC campus wide network. This enables access to various resources to be shared across the campus. Servers available on the Intranet include.

  1. Student Information System.
  2.  Web Server.
  3.  DHCP/File Server
  4.  DNS/Firewall Server.
  5.  Library OPAC.


Mr. Vinod Dandamballi ,System Administrator

Contact : +91 7795776492