AGM Trust is successfully managing several institutes under it. We are proud to say that, we develop children mind right at the grass-root till they reach their academic expertise

Sl NoName Of The Educational InstituteYear of EstablishmentCourses OfferedPlace
1A.G.M Lower & Higher Primary School2005-06I to VII stdNavagraha Teertha, Varur
2A.G.M Lower Primary School2010-11I stdBastwada (Halga)
3A.G.M Residential High School2006-07VIII to X stdNavagraha Teertha, Varur
4A.G.M Pre-University College2007-08PUC I & II Arts,Commerece & ScienceNavagraha Teertha, Varur
5A.G.M Rural Polytechnic2008-09CS, E&C, E&E, Mechanical, CivilNavagraha Teertha, Varur
6A.G.M BCA & BBA College2009-10Compulsory & Optional SubjectsNavagraha Teertha, Varur
7A.G.M Rural Engineering & Technology College2010-11CS, E&C, E&E, Mechanical, CivilNavagraha Teertha, Varur
8J.A.G.M Rural Engineering & Technology College2013-14E&C, Mechanical, CivilJamkhandi, Bagalkot District


Sl NoNameDesignation
1Swastishri Dharmsen Bhattarak Pattacharya MahaswamiPresident
2Shri Abhay TotiyaSecretary
3Shri Jinnappa AlgurMember
4Naresh JainMember
5Shri Rajkumar DoshiMember
6Mukesh JainMember
8Dr.Mrs Meenakshi.R. PatilPrincipal Member Secretary