"Poojya shri Aacharya Gunadharanandi Maharaj Swamiji is a source of great inspiration to all of us and has devoted his entire life to social service. Greetings on his birthday!"

Welcome to AGMRCET

His Holiness Acharya Gunadharnandi Maharaj of Navagrahteerth Jainmatt Varur, with

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his blessings and Inspiration this engineering institute has come up to meet the dream of the poor class of society surrounding Hubli and Dharwad. Specially to help the students who would like to opt engineering as their career. It’s sure that in the years to come with the Swamiji’s guidance support and ashirwad the

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institute will build a sound team to establish in the field of engineering.

“Blessings & Inspiration of His Holiness Acharya Gunadharnandi Maharaj”

S D M Jainmatt, Navagrahteerth,trust Varur, near Hubli, is already in the field of education and successfully running primary school, High school, Pre-University degree college and Polytechnic to serve the society

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at large to educate the youngsters to the expectations of this country.

A G M R College of Engineering and Technology is established in 2010, under the aegis of the S D M Jainmatt Trust, Navagrahteerth, Varur, near Hubli. It is located in sprawling campus over 40 Acres of Land. Starting of A G M R College of Engineering and Technology is a milestone achievement by the trust to enhance the engineering and research abilities of the young students opting engineering as their profession.

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height=”200″ />About AGMR

In our 10 years we at AGMR Institutes, Hubli, are proud to remain the choice of students from around the world.

Life @ AGMR

AGMR Institutes is deeply committed to enriching diversity through continuous efforts to cultivate a welcoming campus climate for all members of AGMR.

Admissions @ AGMR

Clearly defined admission process and streamlined methodologies, complying with local University and statutory regulations, a firm adherence to Quality Process.

Green is the way to go

At AGMR, the concern for the environment is deeply rooted in design, through extensive afforestation of land, rainwater harvesting, the creation of a water treatment, alternative energy sources, the ban on use of substances that are not environment-friendly, etc. Rest assured, the serene environs here have a soothing effect on the students and provide them with the perfect setting to contemplate and reflect.

International Immersion

AGMR Institutes’ constant endeavors to take its academics higher is significantly enabled by its academic alliances with esteemed organizations, worldwide. Faculty and student exchange, formal and informal knowledge interchange, joint projects, etc. help the robust upgrade.

Holistic learning

• Classroom theoretical sessions with practical orientation
• Interactive learning through seminars and symposia
• Group dynamics involving club activities
• Outbound learning, industry visits and educational tours


To begin with, the housing (hostel) facilities are made as ‘homely’ as possible. With choices of single/sharing furnished occupancies with or without kitchenettes, they also come with need-based specific facilities at reasonable usage charges. The life at the hostel is an extension of the academic pursuit of the student. It helps them grow with a proper mix of care, discipline and personal space under the supervision of a warden. The large capacity laundromat, state-of-the-art kitchen, back-up electric power, solar powered energy, purified drinking water, WiFi connectivity, in-campus medical and ambulance facility ensure a hassle-free life for the students.


Sports play an integral role in education as it teaches the qualities of teamwork, leadership, tolerance, determination, etc., and at the same time helps the students remain physically fit. At AGMR, fully-fledged outdoor sports facilities including basketball, football, volleyball, archery, gymnasium, horse riding, cricket, table tennis, track and field sports, etc., with qualified coaches and instructors are provided to assist our students maintain a sound mind and body.


The AGMR campus boasts innumerable facilities for gathering of students for seminars, workshops, presentations, interaction and much more. These include the central auditorium, conference halls, board rooms, discussion rooms, etc., spread across the campus. Cultural activities, music programmes, theatre workshops, friendly competitions, adventure camps, food courts, weekend outings, yoga, meditation, etc., also form a part of our students’ invigorating campus life experience.

Industry interface

The presence of top-notch industries and corporates around the location of Acharya Institutes brings with it numerous benefits and opportunities for the students. Acharya’s MOUs with corporates like Infosys, Wipro, Mind Tree etc., facilitates technical training, knowledge transfer, research projects and placements. An added-opportunity that AGMR students enjoy are the regular invitations to various tech-competitions conducted by eminent industries in which, over the years, our students have consistently topped and won accolades.

AGMR’s Technology Business Incubator

AGMR’s Technology Business Incubator supports the establishment and growth of technology based start up companies and other compatible technology interventions. The Incubator provides an end-to-end cutting edge ecosystem that supports new and emerging technology ventures and enhance their likelihood of success. The incubator renders necessary infrastructure, financial support, business advisories, mentorship, legal assistance, product development, networking, commercialisation, protection of intellectual properties, insurance and tax administration resulting in strategic alliances. By virtue of research inquisitiveness, the involvement of the faculty in the technology driven startups will reinforce teaching and research, strengthen linkages between education and industry.

An Amazing experience for all

We are committed to making life at AGMR an amzing experience – no matter where you are from. Not only are we proud to welcome more  students than any other institution, but our diversity offers invaluable opportunities for you to develop, grow and become globally minded, socially responsible individuals – strengthening your value to potential employers. You will socialise with students from across the globe .

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